Desktop Features

Each desktop runs on top quality equipment with the fastest possible configurations including high speed storage units and enterprise firewalls. GMD offers either a Bronze, Silver or Gold desktop package. The main difference between the packages is memory, processing power and storage space. If you need multiple users to login to the same desktop, you will need to purchase the Gold package. The Gold package is the only desktop that supports multiple concurrent users. We also offer custom configurations. Email us at support@getmydesktop.com for more information.

Why GetMyDesktop.com?

W hy waist your money on an expensive laptop or desktop when you can pay a few bucks a month and have access to a high powered desktop you can access anywhere. Sure, you can remotely access your desktop but remote software is expensive and you are in trouble if there is a power outage or your desktop crashes. If you own a Mac, why bother spending hundreds of dollars on Windows and Bootcamp software when you can run Windows using our service. You can also convert your entire company to virtual desktops and eliminate the need for expensive firewalls, VPNs and remote access software. No more IT guy coming in to constantly fix your computers!

Powerful Virtual Desktop Features

All Our Desktops Are Lightning Fast And Run On High-End Virtualized Hardware With SSD and Intel Server Level Processors

Our Virtualized Desktops Outperform Regular Laptops/Desktops and are Secured Via Firewalls and IDS Systems for Top Quality Security

Features Bronze 5 User Silver 5 User Gold 5 User
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Disk Space 60 GB Shared Dir 100 GB Shared Dir 200 GB Shared Dir
Memory 8 GB Virtual Mem. 16 GB Virtual Mem. 24 GB Virtual Mem.
Processor 1 x 2.9 GHz 1 x 2.9 GHz w/turbo 2 x 2.9 GHz w/turbo
Daily Backup (Backups Kept for 5 Days) yes yes yes
Enterprise Hardware Firewall (AV and IDS Protection) yes yes yes
Remote Access Desktop yes yes yes
Live System Monitoring via Dashboard yes yes yes
Access with PC and Linux clients yes yes yes
Access with Tablets & Smart Phones yes yes yes
Enterprise Security Protection (Hardware & Software) yes yes yes
Touch Screen Friendly yes yes yes
Office Suite Libre Office Libre Office Libre Office
Load Your Own Apps Load What You Want! Load What You Want! Load What You Want!
Connect Drives and USB Devices yes yes yes
Encrypted Data Transfer (Better Than SSL!) yes yes yes
Top Quality Data Center yes yes yes
Password Protected Idle Sessions (You Setup) yes yes yes
Print locally via RDP yes yes yes
Access Local and USB Drives yes yes yes
Multi-monitor Support yes yes yes
Multi-platform Access yes yes yes
24 Hour Help desk Support yes yes yes
 Use In Company Work group (Multiple Desktops Sharing Files) yes yes yes
 Concurrent Users (Multiple Logins At The Same Time) yes yes yes
 Shared Storage Workspaces for Work groups yes yes yes
 Features Bronze Silver Gold

Upgrade Options & Pricing

Disk Space (NAS Storage – Redundant Drives w/Backup) 20GB $15 Month
Extra 2.90GHz Virtual Processor 1 Proc $10 Month
Extra Concurrent User On Existing Desktop 1 Concurrent $30 Month
Hosted Email Account 1 Mailbox $10 Month 25 GB Space
FileEFX Account To Send Large Files (Up to 1 TB) 1 Account $10 Month
Additional Memory 4GB  $10 Month
 Need A Custom Solution? Email sales@getmydesktop.com for pricing!