Terms of Service

Terms of Service

In order to ensure you have a positive experience with your desktop along with other customers, we require our customers and employees to follow Terms of Service. The Terms of Service or TOS for short are rules and regulations that everyone is required to follow while using the system. The TOS ensures the system is not abused or one customer is not negatively affecting another. We follow and enforce the TOS so if you have any bad intentions, please save everyone here some time and go somewhere else. We don't allow any illegal activity and our systems are NOT designed to hide your illegal activity or act as camouflage. Our desktops are designed for legal legitimate use and we do not welcome ANY illegal activity.

What Are The Rules Regarding My Desktop?

G enerally, we like to leave everyone alone and let each customer use his or her desktop the way he or she wishes. We do not actively watch your desktop or Internet activity unless there is a problem. The desktop screens lock when you are using your desktop and we cannot see what you are doing to protect your privacy. With that said, we do have advanced security systems that do alert us if there is illegal activity taking place. We don't allow anything that is illegal according to state or federal law in the US nor allow anyone to run applications that continuously run the CPU or system above 80% on a constant basis.

GetMyDesktop.com Terms of Service:

By clicking the SUBMIT button, you agree the the GetMyDesktop.com terms of service. This order is for a trial desktop and you agree not to store any critical applications, information or data on your desktop during the trial period. The trial desktop is NOT backed up and runs on system that are NOT backed up. GMD will NOT be responsible for lost data, work, applications or any other information during the trial period. If you need to store critical information, you must do so utilizing a purchased desktop.


I also understand that the Trial Desktop WILL NOT retain any of my data, programs or information I load on the desktop. Upon reboot, any custom data, settings, or programs will be erased and the desktop is set back to default. I understand that the Trial Desktop is only for evaluation purposes and not to be used to store any data, programs or critical data.

GetMyDesktop.com reserves the right to de-activate or delete your desktop for any reason during the trial period including abuse of the system, utilization of the processor consistently above 80%, excessive use of bandwidth, disk spin rate, or other abusive actions that impact the performance of the system in total. You also agree that you will not use your desktop for any illegal activities according to California State Law, Federal Law, and your local jurisdiction legal statutes.

If you install any software on your desktop, you must legally own the software or the license must specific that you own it legally. We reserve the right to un-install any non-compliant software from your desktop if necessary. You agree to utilize your trial desktop for legal purposes and will not utilize the desktop to bypass local laws, utilize the desktop as a proxy to circumvent local laws, and/or utilize the desktop with malicious intent. If any of these actions occur, we will immediately terminate your account and delete your desktop.

If GetMyDesktop.com receives any subpoenas or legal documents requesting access to your personal data, we will immediately contact you to let you know so you are aware of the situation and can seek legal council to defend yourself immediately. We will not release any data or personal information without being required by state or federal law. We never share nor disclose personal data for any reason.

Your desktop is also fully protected and there is no way for GMD to watch, access or monitor your actions on your desktop. We do not install any monitoring, management or any type of software, device or hardware that gives us the ability to monitor your activity. The activity on your desktop is protected and we have no technical way to watch your activity. Upon login, our view of your desktop is locked and we are unable to see anything you do on your desktop.

Our firewalls and systems do monitor Internet traffic for illegal activity, excessive use or non-use of trial desktops. If you sign up for a trial desktop and do not use it, we will shut down the desktop as it consumes valuable resources. If you sign up for a trial desktop, you must use the desktop otherwise we will remove it from the system. Our firewall systems do notify us if your desktop is not utilized.

GetMyDesktop.com reserves the right to terminate your trial desktop at any time for the reasons in the Terms of Service and is not responsible for lost data under any circumstance. If you are concerned about protecting data on your desktop, you should purchase a paid desktop. Our paid desktops are backed up, protected and never deleted prior to consultation with our customers. Trial desktops are only intended for you to get an idea of how the system works and decide whether our product will fit your needs. Once you make that determination, we highly recommend purchasing a desktop.

If we find you have signed up under multiple email accounts with intentions to run multiple trial desktops or to circumvent purchase of a desktop, we will immediately shut down all your desktops and delete them and ban you from our system. Our systems check IPs have other automated methods to check to ensure individuals are not signing up for multiple trial desktops. Each person is allowed one trial desktop for his or her lifetime. If we find that a person has signed up for more than 1 trial desktop, we will immediately terminate the person’s account and delete the desktops and data.